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RadioActive network – rx/tx

irl radio

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  • King George ( the cat )

    Me and George while my wife was at work!

  • Happy New Year! 2023

    Also KM6MMO wants you to join his Discord server! Connect with licensed and unlicensed as we journey into the ether which is Radio! I hope this year brings you closer to the Truth, for in this life there is nothing else!

  • For You Angyl! Live from Angel’s Reach

    Happy New Year Angyl Incognito 2023 ~ Angyl Eternity Here is the last weather report of 2022! It’s raining actually which is nice for a change, but I wish it was snowing to be honest. It’s supposed to rain all week or something. Any rain is good rain for God’s sake! Most of my tools […]

  • First Aid training in 2023

    I wanted to open up the “stage” for an open discussion regarding the best path for First Aid Certification or Education. Thanks for helping out with your comments!

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